In addition to in-house professionals, BAND collaborates with the best freelance editors and 3D Computer Graphics experts; a choice that guarantees painstaking attention to detail and personalization for every project. BAND offers its customers Online and Offline Editing, Color Grading, 3D Computer Graphics, 2D VFX, Compositing and audio finalization. We handle each video from start to finish, from the initial design phase to the finishing touches.

3D + VFX & Conform + Grading

Computer Graphics techniques let us create content, objects and environments that were not shot. The line between what is real and what is not, is getting increasingly thin. CG makes the impossible possible: advanced knowledge of movie shooting techniques, lighting and the laws of physics allow the team to plan, design and integrate content.
A powerful Render Farm allows us to process the images fast so they can be viewed in a relatively short space of time.

VFX & Conform + Grading

Combining the original shot with stock footage or images created by Computer Graphics is known as Compositing. Reality can be manipulated invisibly. Super and animated texts can be inserted. Spectacular visual effects can be created. Our experience, skills and on-trend taste merged with technological innovation enable us to create any visual effect. Autodesk software lets us work with creatives in real time. We are able to meet short turn-arounds.

Color Grading + Conform

Color is corrected with every shade brought out to create an image that is alive, rich and full-bodied, or soft and desaturated. We emphasize and improve the beautiful photography taken on set, or change the chiaroscuro to create tones that that couldn’t be obtained with natural light during shooting. Colors speak, and they tell a story of their own.

Balance, exposure correction, saturation control and contrast management. The files from the cinema camera sensor never provide satisfactory color tone and contrast: Color Grading is an essential step to give the effect of reality or create a particular look. We manipulate the image with selections that follow the movement invisibly.

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